5 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Help You Save Money at Starbucks

5 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Help You Save Money at Starbucks

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of the barista displaying the much-awaited planners at their store.

It’s the sound of holiday drinks, limited edition pastries, and long lines to get your sticker fix.

You may confuse it with the sound of Christmas, but for your wallet and your bank account, it sounds like a risky April Fool’s prank gone wrong.

“So, let me get this straight. You worked hard for this money,” your bank account would say. “And you’re going to spend it all in that coffee shop because you want a planner?”

“Yes,” you’d smile. “I think this planner would really help me with my life goals for 2018! It’s like an investment!”

save money starbucks

Your wallet would look at you weirdly. “You’d spend roughly P2,000+ just to buy pieces of colorful paper bundled together?”

“It’s not just pieces of paper!” you’d say.

“‘Di ba, you’d write on your planner?” your bank account asked you.


“And you’d write on paper, correct?”


Your heart would enter the conversation and defend you. “Walang pakialaman, the heart wants what the heart wants!”

“Okay,” Logic would say. “Let’s compromise. You can buy your planner and enjoy your money – but you need to save and invest at least 20% of your 13th month pay, okay?”

“How do I do that?”

Save money at Starbucks so you can have money for savings & investment!”

And so we go forward with this article:

1. #BYOT: Bring Your Own Tumbler

If you want to have your own Starbucks planner, it’s safe to assume that you have your own Starbucks tumbler that you bought in the past.

Maybe you’re using it as your water bottle, your weapon against the local holdaper or your weights to tone your arms – the good news is that every time you use your own tumbler, you save the environment and you save P5!

5 pesos may not seem like a lot to you, but if you go to Starbucks every day, it translates to a savings of P150! With this amount, you can buy another drink, or just do yourself a favor and buy 3 orders of Jollibee burger steak instead.

2. Plain drinks are better.

If you’re in it just for the planner, or because you have a client meeting, or because you want to read a book in peace (why in Starbucks?), you can order a plain, hot drink instead.

Getting a Tall Vanilla Nougat Frappuccino (P170) versus getting a Tall Brewed Coffee (P105) can save you P65 daily.

That’s a savings of P1,950 every. single. month. And think of the calories you’ve saved, too!

Also, personally, compared with the Vanilla Nougat flavor, I like iced Great Taste White more. 😀

3. Short is your best friend. 

Did you know that Tall isn’t the smallest size in Starbucks?

You can actually order a Short version of your drink.

save money starbucks

Short is an 8-ounce (240 mL drink) which has the same number of shots in your Tall size.

If you want the same amount of caffeine as a tall but for less money, get it short.

4. Get a Starbucks Rewards card. 

If you’re a regular, and you really want to save money at Starbucks because you spend most of your days there, why don’t you get their rewards card?

Here in the Philippines, you earn 1 Star every time you buy a handcrafted beverage.

For every 12 stars, you get one Grande drink – for free. 🙂

5. Split the Venti with your special someone. 

This tip applies to you if you’re craving their drinks, but you’re not really interested in the planner stickers.

Do the math with me:

Venti = 24 ounces

Tall = 12 ounces

1 Venti = 2 Tall orders

One time, on a fairly bad day, I wanted to get my usual Starbucks drink, because I felt like I deserved it. I’ve been saving money for a while now, and I haven’t had it for three weeks, so #thethirstwasreal.

I asked A to go to Starbucks with me.

Instead of spending P300 for two Tall drinks, we only spent P180 for one Venti-sized drink. I just asked the barista to use my tall-sized tumbler, and then use another cup for the remaining drink. 🙂

You can also split with a friend or a family member if both of you have the same taste in drinks.

How do you save money at Starbucks? Share your tips below!


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