Here’s How I Make REAL Money Online

Here’s How I Make REAL Money Online

Want to make real money online?

You can use the Internet to watch YouTube videos about cats, stalk your ex on Facebook, or stare lovingly at Instagram pictures so that you know there’s still love in this world.

You can also use the Internet to make your own online business, earn real money, and live the life you love.

The choice is yours!

To help you make decision, I want to show you the simplest way where I make real money online.

Here it goes:

I have an e-book selling business. 

I earn P10,000+ a month just by selling e-books online.

I earn this passively.

It doesn’t matter if I’m watching One Piece, Descendants of the Sun, or Modern Family. Whatever show I choose to watch, I still earn money online.

It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, afternoon, merienda time, or midnight. Whatever time it is, my ebook business is running 24/7.

It doesn’t matter if I’m strolling around Seoul, touring around Tokyo, or going to the palengke with my mother. Whatever I do, money still comes to me.

“Why should I start my own online business? I can just start a food cart like siomai.” 

With the Internet, it’s so much easier to launch a business, and it’s very profitable.

I love siomai, especially when its sauce is perfectly tangy and sweet at the same time.


I’d happily pay P20 or even P30 just to enjoy siomai.

But don’t expect me to shell out P200,000 to P300,000 just for a siomai food cart.

Yung target customers ng isang restaurant ay within three miles lang. 

It’s limited!

Yun lang yung mga tao na pu-pwede mong ma-accommodate, yun lang yung pu-pwede mong mapagsilbihan.

The risk is extremely high.

You invest a lot of money in your food cart business, but your customers are limited.

In my ebook business,  your target customers can be anyone in the world – as long as they have internet connection. 

“Is P10,000 monthly passive income possible?” 

If you’re impressed by P10,000 monthly passive income, don’t be.

As in. 

When you compare these earnings to my mentor like Sir Jon Orana, you’d be shocked.

He just made P23 million in 3 years – that’s P7.6 million/year – by selling ebooks online.

Now that’s impressive.

If you want to learn how he did it, he published a FREE 23-page report on how he generated over Php 23 Million in last 36 months from short reports or e-books.

Get it here:

Regardless of your background, education, or physical appearance, you can become successful and wealthy through online business.

There are no unnecessary “qualifications” like:

“You must be between 25 – 35 years old with pleasing personality.”

“At least with Bachelor’s Degree.”

“With 5 – 10 years of experience, etc.”

The job of your boss is to give you a job and pay you enough so you won’t go anywhere else.

It’s not their responsibility to make you financially free.

That’s your responsibility.

Selling digital products online is a growing billion dollar industry.

You can continue to doubt it…

Or you can download his FREE report here on how to do it.

That’s up to you. 🙂

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