Korea Travel Guide 2018 [Day 1]: Dinner at Dooki, Tteokbokki Buffet: 9D8N Seoul, Korea Trip

Korea Travel Guide 2018 [Day 1]: Dinner at Dooki, Tteokbokki Buffet: 9D8N Seoul, Korea Trip

Want to enjoy Seoul – even though you’re on a budget? 

This Korea Travel Guide is made just for you!

Ever since I’ve seen snow while on the train to Seoul, I’ve been thinking hard about where to eat. 

Imagine this: it’s your first night in Seoul. The weather is 0 degrees. You’re wearing 3 layers of clothing pero parang kulang pa din. You’re hungry, but you don’t want Korean BBQ or chicken. No, plain ramen won’t cut it also. 

You want something with soup, but you’re on a budget.

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Your body is craving for something warm and cheap, hopefully eaten in a warm place. 

Where would you go? 

If you’re around Ewha, go to Dooki Buffet and you’ll be treated to an all-you-can-eat Korean tteokbokki experience! Luck is really on my side, because this restaurant seemed to just magically appear before my eyes. 😀

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The place is packed with university students and people who look like they’re in college (ehem). 

You can make your own tteokbokki meal since the restaurant is complete with everything you need. If you’re a tourist like me, you can just say “English please” to the staff, and they’ll give you the menu.

It’s actually simple. You cook your own meal by getting the ingredients you like and mixing everything together. 

Starting with different kinds of tteokbokki: 

Of course, it has my FAVORITE eomuk (fishcake). Normally, it costs 1,000 won (PHP 50) but here at Dooki Buffet, I can eat all the eomuk I want.

Ramen lover? All-you-can-eat ramen for one hour:

Since Dooki Buffet is located in Ewha University, the prices are reasonable and the food is great. 

I’ll show you the first meal I “cooked”: lots of sausages, eomuk, bean sprouts :), tteokbokki and flavorful broth all cooked together to form a hearty, warm and filling meal. 

Price: 7,900 won (PHP 375) 

I’d recommend a combo of sweet soy sauce + dooki for your meal. It’s savory, just like eating a Korean fried chicken – but with soup! With the dooki sauce, it has a bit of a spice without being too empowering, so you get a nice kick every time you take a sip. 

Since the buffet is good for one hour (really), you can come back to the food station and refill your meal. Why don’t you grab some fried food? They have tender deep fried chicken and crunchy tempura:

Here’s the second “meal” I whipped up: stir-fried tteokbokki rice. Pinoy talaga. Rice tastes so good when mixed with sesame oil and seaweed. 

Sorry, keto diet, I’ll see you again this February! 

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swear this tasted better than it looked. Then again, it still looked yummy, right? 

Finish it all with a glass of soda or two and solb na. Just remember to walk some of it off before you go to sleep, okay? 🙂 

Directions: Take the train to Ewha Univ. Station and go out from Exit 2. Walk straight for 300 meters until you see the end of the Ewha Shopping Street. Dooki Buffet is at the 2nd floor. 

Hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I did! 🙂

Any questions? Hit me up in the comments below.


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