Korea Travel Guide 2018: [Day 2]: Hongdae All You Can Eat BBQ: 9D8N Seoul, Korea Trip

Korea Travel Guide 2018: [Day 2]: Hongdae All You Can Eat BBQ: 9D8N Seoul, Korea Trip

Want to enjoy Seoul – even though you’re on a budget? 

This Korea Travel Guide is made just for you!

Korea Travel Series: Seoul 

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On my 2nd day to Seoul, I wanted to look for a Korean BBQ place that would allow me to get the best bang for my buck. I don’t want to eat the stone grill BBQ yet because I’m saving my appetite – maybe a day or two before I leave? 

Since I’m on a budget, I went to my favorite place in Seoul – Hongdae! 🙂

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There are lots of millenials in Hongdae so that means lots of restaurants and cafes at affordable prices. Yay.

After walking around and battling the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cold, I surrendered and entered this restaurant. It’s an Eat-All-You-Can Korean BBQ place!

And what do you know – it’s all-you-can-eat Pork and doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew)!

I can already hear my own stomach talking to me: “Chill ka lang, Lianne. I know these two are your favorite Korean food, but I cannot handle a lot of food right now.” 

Naturally, I didn’t follow his advice. 😀

I mean, how can you chill when this perfect slab of meat is welcoming you? 

This must be what angels eat~

There’s no need for you to call the attention of the staff, because everything you need is self-serve in this counter. The condiments and the lettuce are all here. 

To make it a feast you can’t forget, make sure to get garlic and fry them up with your meat. It tastes magical. Plus, you get rid of the “I’m eating meat” guilt, because garlic has anti-high blood effects. 😀 

In case you’re wondering where the chopsticks are, they’re located inside your table. Just slide the handle found on the side, and you can find there your utensils and tissues. 

Once you’re ready, grill your meat and your side dishes, warm your soup and enjoy. Don’t forget to wrap it in lettuce!

The meat is juicy and tender. If you grill it right, it melts in your mouth and blends wonderfully with the sauce, kimchi and garlic. Masarap. 

How much do you pay for all this? I told you this Korea Travel Guide won’t break your bank account. 🙂

It’s not pricy, by Korean food standards.

Price: 11,800 won (PHP 565) 

You can go back and refill your meat, too. 

Just be mindful because you’ll pay an extra charge if you don’t finish it all. So, you should just refill with two cuts of meat and eat it. If you still can, refill with one more cut so you won’t pay extra. 

There is no time limit, based on my experience, so go ahead and do people-watching while eating. When I was there, I saw the locals walking fast because the cold is extremely hard to bear: 

Directions: Take the train to Hongdae Station and go out from Exit 9. Walk straight for 50 meters until you see the Charlie Brown Cafe. 


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