Where To Stay in Seoul, Korea | Chocolate Tree Hostel, Sinchon

Where To Stay in Seoul, Korea | Chocolate Tree Hostel, Sinchon

Wondering where to stay in Seoul? Here’s my experience at Chocolate Tree Hostel in Sinchon, Seoul, South Korea. 

Every time I look for an accommodation for travel, I always consider three important things: 

✔ Distance from the train station: More than 5 minutes’ walk is difficult for me. When you’re coming back home to your hotel after walking for 12,000 steps that day, you’ll know what I mean. 

✔ Free breakfast (for hostels) OR nearby eateries (for hotels) 

✔ Private bathroom 

I’m not that fussy about how many the thread count of the mattress is, or how shiny the receptionist’s teeth are. 🙂 


For my second trip in Seoul, I chose to stay in Sinchon area: 

◆ It’s located at Seoul’s University Belt, so there’s lots of affordable restaurants and shopping areas here. #FeelingStudent  There are also lots of parks and open areas within Chocolate Tree, so if you’re there on winter and there’s snow, you can also take this photo 🙂

where to stay in seoul

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◆ If you love cafe-hopping, Sinchon area is the way to go. The cafes here aren’t crowded because they’re usually filled with students who are cramming for their studies. 

◆ This area comes alive at night! If you’re a fan of sleeping in until afternoon, and then exploring the area starting 4 PM onwards, this is the place to be. 

where to stay in seoul

◆ Sinchon is one train station away from Hongdae. If you’re coming from Incheon Airport, just take the train from the airport to Hongdae. Alight at Hongdae and take the train to Sinchon. 

◆ Chocolate Tree Hostel is four minutes away by walking from the train station.  


During my earlier communication with the hostel, I asked them if I could check in early. They said check-in was at 3 PM. So imagine my surprise and utter happiness when I went there around 10 AM and Minnie checked me in early! ★ That’s an extra 5 hours without any additional charge. 

This may seem trivial to you, but if you slept at the airport the night before, and needed a bed to sleep in immediately, five hours is magical! 

My room was at the 2nd floor.

★ There wasn’t any elevator but it was a short climb upstairs (10 steps), so no worries. Plus, Minnie helped me with my luggage. 

★ The private room at Chocolate Tree Hostel is a no-frills and basic room filled with all the stuff you needed for a comfortable stay.  

Since it’s winter, the floor heater and portable heater made all the difference. I didn’t need to stay at the floor; I could just sleep on the bed and place the portable heater near me. 

where to stay in seoul

I also loved their bathroom – with facial cleanser! 🙂 If I remember, it was a lemon facial cleanser, and it helped brighten my skin while giving it moisture. I made sure to use it twice a day. 


★ My room had a free breakfast.

And when I talked to Minnie about it, she said that the food can be accessed any time of the day. If you’re saving money as in, you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, assuming you don’t become a human sandwich, at the end of the day. 😀 

where to stay in seoul

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★ There’s free laundry too~ It’s unlimited. You only have to pay for the dryer (500 KRW = PHP25) 


These can convince you to consider Chocolate Tree Hostel when you’re looking where to stay in Seoul: 

✔ Free early-check in (as long as your room’s available!) 

✔ Free food, coffee and tea, any time of the day 

✔ Free laundry 

✔ Friendly receptionist will kindly order food delivery for you. 🙂 Make sure to order Kyochon chicken. It tastes much better in Seoul compared to the branch here in Manila. 

And more:


I paid for my stay at Chocolate Tree Hostel using my own money. As always, opinions are my own. I’d never recommend something that I haven’t tried and honestly liked. 

Check out what previous guests of Chocolate Tree Hostel have to say about their stay:

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