Cofioca Bubble Tea in Seoul | K-Pop Fangirl’s Korea Guide

Cofioca Bubble Tea in Seoul | K-Pop Fangirl’s Korea Guide

Want to go to Cofioca in Seoul to drink your idol’s favorite milk tea?

EXO was the first K-pop group I stanned so it will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

Who could ever forget Growl’s chorus when it came out? It was my go-to song for weeks!

Not to mention the fact that I was so addicted to EXO that I even went to their concert here in Manila.

Sadly, Lay wasn’t there and Kai was injured so he couldn’t dance properly as he just needed to sit on a chair so he could recover. 🙁 Idols sure go through the extremes just so they could perform at their best, don’t you think?

That’s why when we went to Korea for the seventh time in 2 years (yes, super favorite country ko~) I told myself I needed to go to my idol’s favorite places so I could “feel” their presence too. Lol. 

First on the list is Cofioca, since I’ve been craving bubble tea. 

cofioca exo

Granted, there was just a Gong Cha near my place, but Cofioca intrigued me — surely the first ever bubble tea place in Seoul has something different to offer, right? 

This lovely mini cafe opened in the year 2000, so it’s been existing for 19 years now! And get this: Cofioca is even featured in Visit Seoul’s official website, so I guess it’s a bit of a tourist spot also, right? After all, majority of people who visit Korea are also K-pop and K-drama fans. 🙂 

cofioca exo

How cool is that? 

How to go to Cofioca: Alight at Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 6.

For you to see the specific directions on how to get there, here’s a detailed map for your reference. 

Upon arriving at Cofioca, I was a bit surprised to see that it really is small. Think of a kiosk selling milk tea and then adding two tables inside: that’s how cramped the place is.

Honestly, I feel impressed with Cofioca’s owners! I think most of the landowners at that area already sold or leased their properties to be developed into a commercial building, but Cofioca stood through the test of time! Ang galing lang. 😀

exo cofioca

But the space doesn’t really matter to the idols who visit it – including EXO’s Sehun and Suho – because they’re regularly spotted at Cofioca ordering their favorite drinks. 

It’s okay if you’re not fluent in Korean! You can either point at your drink that you want to order… Or just tell the lovely ahjumma who your idol is and she’ll tell you her favorite drinks! 

cofioca exo

Now, my bias in EXO is Lay but I don’t know what his favorite drink is, and I’m not sure if he goes to Cofioca regularly, so I asked for Sehun’s drinks instead. After all, he’s a milk tea fanatic so he must know what the best-tasting drinks are, right? 

First up is the Chocolate Colada for 6,000 won ($5 | PHP250) 

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the size — for the price of this one, I can already get a large Deep Chocolate Foam Smoothie at Gong Cha, but here at Cofioca, they only have one size: regular. 😀

Taste-wise, their Chocolate Colada tasted nice: it wasn’t too rich and it wasn’t too sweet either, so I’d recommend this one. Don’t compare it to Gong Cha’s smoothies or you’ll be a little bit underwhelmed. (My bias for Gong Cha is really showing, no?)

You can even ask ahjumma to give you a Sehun cup cover. I didn’t, and so I was given another idol’s. 

Another drink that I wanted to taste was their Coconut Milk Tea for roughly the same price.

cofioca exo

And yay, Ryeowook’s on the cover of this one! I really loved his voice when he was singing Super Junior songs. Plus, I feel like he and I are kind of alike, and knowing that he also celebrates his birthday in June adds conviction to my curiosity. 

Now, onto the coconut milk tea from Cofioca — it tastes like macarons — mainly because this pastry is made from ground almonds and coconut. It’s refreshing, it’s light, and the pearls are chewy and soft so it has just the right texture. If you’re not a fan of bubble tea, I suggest you get this one to introduce you to this yummy concoction. 

Also, if you’re lucky enough, you can take your time inside the shop and enjoy this view while you’re sipping your drink, so it’s a win-win scenario for you! 

If you’re a Kpop fan, Cofioca should be on your bucket list to Korea. 🙂 

Where to go to next? 



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