Freedom List!

Hey, there. I wanted to name this list as “Freedom List” instead of the usual “Bucket List” label. After all, we’re talking about living free, not dying happy!

Here’s my personal list. Go ahead, get some ideas from this post, and start making your own “Freedom List”!

Lianne’s (Not) A Bucket List

► Go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.

Watch Lead (amazingly talented Japanese group!) in person.

► Eat fresh pasta, pizza and gelato in Italy.

► See Great Wall of China!

► Swim with dolphins.

► Check out the pyramids in Egypt.

► Fly first-class!

► Marvel at the Northern Lights personally.

Publish a best-selling book. 😉

► Take a goofy selfie in Times Square.

► Eat a romantic dinner by the beach with A.

► Pay Ading’s college tuition for one semester.

Pay for parent’s anniversary trip abroad.

► Put up a foundation for causes I feel strongly about.

► Watch a Broadway show in New York.

Drink butterbeer in Japan’s Harry Potter world.

► Visit England and ask around using a fake British accent.

Laugh until I cry.

► Ride a gondola in Venice.

► Go to Paris, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and give A a ring when we get to the top.

► Make cookies from scratch.

► Have a couple shot with A in N Seoul tower.

► Watch Ryan, Colin, Jeff, Wayne, Chip and Jonathan live!

► Ride in a hot air balloon.

► Eat konbini food items in Japan for three full days!