How I Got Multiple Entry Visa in Japan for Filipinos [No ITR]

Want to know how you can get a multiple entry visa in Japan for Filipinos?

If you’re a Filipino citizen planning to visit Japan more than once, a multiple entry visa can save you time, money and tons of anxiety!

Some Filipino tourists may not have an income tax return (ITR) to show as proof of financial stability, which can make the Japan visa application process more challenging.

In this article, I’ll share my personal experience and guide you through the process of getting a multiple entry visa to Japan — even if you don’t have any ITR.

What’s a multiple-entry visa?

A multiple entry visa lets you enter and exit Japan multiple times within a specific period.

This means that you can come and go as many times as you want, as long as your tourist visa is still valid.

For example, my Japan tourist visa is a multiple-entry visa with a 5-year validity, so I can travel to Japan as a tourist for 5 years.

Who is eligible for a multiple-entry visa in Japan?

Similar to getting a multiple-entry visa in Korea for Filipinos, it would be the consul’s personal discretion as to who they’re going to issue a multiple-entry visa as well.

That said, according to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, to be eligible for a multiple entry tourist visa to Japan, you must have a valid reason for visiting Japan frequently as a tourist.

You can be eligible for a multiple-entry tourist visa if you’re an applicant who:

  • Travelled Japan as temporary visitor in the last 3 years and has financial capacity
  • Travelled Japan (as temporary visitor) and G7 countries (several times, except Japan)
  • Have sufficient financial capacity
  • Spouse or child of applicant with sufficient financial capacity

Personally, I think I was issued a multiple-entry visa as I travelled to Japan frequently, and I also showed a substantial balance in my bank certificate.

What are the Japan tourist visa requirements?

The documents required for a multiple entry visa application are similar to those for a single-entry tourist visa, such as:

  • Valid Philippine passport
  • Visa application form
  • 45×35mm photo
  • Schedule of stay in Japan
  • Original birth certificate (if you don’t have used Japan visa)
  • Original marriage certificate (if you’re married and you don’t have used Japan visa)
  • Original bank certificate
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)

For those applying for multiple entry visa in Japan for Filipinos, you need to submit additional requirements like:

  • Explanation letter (if you’re missing any requirements)
  • Reason For Requesting Multiple Entry Visa form
  • Proof of travel to Japan: Old or recent passport with used temporary visitor visa and landing permission stamps
  • Proof of financial capacity: Original bank certificate, dividend certificate of stock, etc.

3 Things I Did To Increase My Multiple-Entry Visa Approval

multiple entry visa in japan for filipinos

l was able to get a 5-year multiple-entry visa with no ITR by doing the following tips:

1. Apply via an accredited travel agency

First things first, make sure to transact your visa application process with an accredited travel agency.

Here’s a list of the official accredited travel agencies by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

Personally, we went with Reli Tours at Dusit Thani hotel in Makati City, and it was a smooth process with them.

They’re accommodating to our inquiries and mostly responsive. #notsponsored

2. Submit alternative documents

To get a Japan tourist visa without an ITR, you need to demonstrate strong ties to the Philippines and strong financial capacity.

If you don’t have an ITR, you can submit the following documents to serve as proof of your financial capacity:

  • Certificate of Employment
  • Credit card statements
  • Mutual fund investments
  • Stock investments
  • Confirmation of life insurance

3. Complete a Letter of Explanation

If you don’t have an ITR when you apply for a Japan visa, make sure to submit a letter of explanation to state your reason why you don’t have it.

For example, here’s an explanation letter I submitted to the embassy back when I got my 1st Japan tourist visa in 2014:

Sample Letter of Explanation – No ITR

Honorable Consul
Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
1300 Metro Manila, Philippines

Re: Explanation Letter: Income Tax Return
Applicant: [your name]
Philippine Passport No: [your passport number]

To: Consulate-General of Japan in the Philippines:

I am [your name] and I am writing this letter to request for your permission to enter your country.

I fully understand that Income Tax Return (ITR) is one of the requirements when submitting documents for a Japanese Tourist Visa application. I am writing this letter to provide you an explanation why I cannot obtain my latest ITR. [Add your reason here]

[Add your reasons for wanting to travel to Japan]

Also, as you can see from my old and recent passports, I’m a frequent tourist to Japan and other countries, such as:

  • [country] – [date of travel]
  • [country] – [date of travel]

As alternative documents, I am submitting the following to serve as proof of my financial capacity:

  • Original Bank Certificate from [bank name]
  • Original Certificate of Employment (together with the specified leave dates)
  • [add supporting financial documents such as credit card statements, investments and more]

I hope these documents will suffice to process my Japan Tourist Visa Application.

I am hoping for your kind consideration over this matter. Thank you very much.


[your complete name with signature]

Frequently Asked Questions on Multiple Entry Visa in Japan for Filipinos

Now, let’s talk about some of the commonly asked questions when it comes to applying for a Japan tourist visa for Filipinos:

Can I get a multiple entry visa for Japan?

Yes, as long as you’re eligible for a multiple-entry visa, and you submit the complete requirements, you can get a multiple-entry visa for Japan.

How much is a multiple entry visa for Japan?

In total, I paid ₱1,450 for my multiple-entry visa for Japan: ₱900 for the tourist visa application, plus ₱500 for the multiple-entry visa application handling fee.

The handling fee of your travel agency varies — the figures I quoted above is for Reli Tours in Dusit Thani.

How long is the processing time for a Japan visa in the Philippines?

The processing time for a Japan visa in the Philippines can be 1-2 business weeks, depending on your travel agency.

For example, mine took 7 days in total, while my assistant got her multiple-entry visa in just 6 days.

Final Thoughts on Multiple Entry Visa in Japan for Filipinos

I hope this article is helpful to you! If you:
– have any questions on getting a Japan tourist visa for Filipinos, or,
– have something to add to the experience of getting a multiple entry visa…

Please let me know in the comments below!

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