Top 4 BEST Hotels in Taiwan for First Timers: 2024 Hotel Guide

Want to know where are the best places to stay in Taiwan for first timers?

If you’re planning your first trip to Taiwan, you’re in for a treat. Taiwan is a bustling city with a rich cultural heritage, modern attractions, and delicious food.

It’s one of our favorite countries — in fact, we celebrated Christmas in December 2023 in Taipei with the whole family. 🙂

In this ultimate Taiwan hotel guide, we’ve carefully chosen the best hotels and hostels in Taiwan to fit your travel budget. This travel guide is more detailed than our best places to stay in Tokyo article, so read on.

All of these hotel recommendations are good for 2 people. This means if you’re a solo traveler, the hotel prices you see here can even be cheaper. Let’s dive right in!

Which part of Taiwan is best to stay?

Okay, so where should you stay in Taipei?

Well, after I’ve made 5 trips to Taiwan myself, I can tell you Taipei itself is the perfect home base.

The awesome part? Taiwan reminds me of Tokyo, too. But for now, you don’t need to get a tourist visa unlike Japan’s multiple-entry tourist visa requirements!

It’s like a time machine where ancient temples rub shoulders with skyscrapers like Taipei 101.

Feeling peckish? There’s bubble tea, stinky tofu (trust me, it’s an experience!), and the legendary beef noodle soup to tantalize your taste buds. At night, the city comes alive with bustling night markets – think sizzling squid, crispy chicken, and a food adventure you won’t forget.

Top 4 Hotels in Taipei – Check Before You Go!

Every time we travel to Taipei, here are the hotels that we stay at since they’re so convenient, affordable and tourist-friendly.

1. Roaders Hotel Zhonghua

Hotel price: ₱4,500/night for 2 people ($78/night)

Where is Roaders Hotel Zhonghua near? Ximending!

Book this Taipei hotel because:

  • It’s the #1 recommended hotel for couples travelling to Taipei!
  • Also a great hotel for families – 1 kid under 13 years stays FREE
  • I personally recommend this hotel, because we can just walk from our hotel to Ximending area at night whenever we want to try out their famous milk tea shops, yummy Taiwan hotpots and popular noodle shops
  • My favorite part? Their reception area is spacious and had loads of free things such as unlimited instant noodles, snacks, water, drinks, arcade machines, and movies being played 24 hours
  • Book this early since it’s a popular hotel, so it gets SOLD OUT regularly

**I love Roaders Hotel! It’s definitely one of the best hotels in Taiwan, so get it while you still can.

2. Via Hotel Taipei Station

Hotel price: ₱4,500/night for 2 people ($78/night)

Where is Via Hotel near? Taipei Station.

Book this Taipei hotel because:

  • They offer 24/7 unlimited free local snacks, beverages and massage chairs which can save you a lot of money
  • I particularly love the unlimited fruit tea, jello, noodles, tea eggs and sodas!
  • Location is also good – walkable distance to Taipei Main station and Ximen station
  • Laundry and dryer facility is available for free as well

3. amba Taipei SongShan

Hotel price: ₱8,000/night for 2 people ($140/night)

Where is amba Taipei SongShan near? Songshan MRT

Book this Taipei hotel because:

  • You can get a gorgeous room with Taipei 101 as your view!
  • Walking distance to the famous Rao He Night Market and Wu Fen Pu
  • This hotel is linked to City mall ( MRT/TRA Songshan station)
  • Love coffee? They have a Nespresso machine with a few complimentary capsules in the room
  • Free 24-hour self service laundry available
  • Of course, buffet breakfast! I always stay at hotels with breakfast buffets and amba Taipei’s was excellent.

Once you’ve booked your Taipei hotel, don’t forget to book your travel activities too. 🙂

I recommend booking via Klook since they always make sure to make my travel experience convenient, hassle-free and easy!

Here’s a discount code in Klook you can use.

4. Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao

Hotel price: ₱6,500/night for 2 people ($113/night)

Where is Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao near? It’s a 3-minute walk to the nearest transport hubs: Bus Terminal, HSR & MRT.

Book this Taipei hotel because:

  • Next to Megacity, so you can go to Din Tai Fung and come back to the hotel to rest 🙂
  • The swimming pool is exactly how you see it in pictures!
  • Shopping malls, Family Mart and Starbucks near the hotel

I personally like this hotel — but honestly, I would only book it if Roaders Hotel Zhonghua or amba Taipei SongShan weren’t available anymore. 😀 So make sure to take a look at them first and book them while they’re still available!

Where to stay in Taipei on a budget?

Are you staying in Taipei on a budget?

Here are the best hotels and hostels that are light on the pocket you can book. Hotel rates are good for 2 adults:

See other best-selling Taipei hotels here 🙂

So, there you have it!

With this hotel guide in your pocket, you’re all set to discover the best places to stay in Taipei.

Whether you crave bustling night markets or peaceful temple gardens, Taipei offers something for everyone.

Remember, booking your accommodation in advance is especially recommended, particularly during peak season or for popular hotels. Now, get ready to experience the magic of this captivating Taiwanese city!

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