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My Personal Experience at Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 in NAIA

Do you want to read a Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 review?

Being a full-time traveler for 10 years now, I’ve visited Marhaba Lounge in NAIA 3 for countless times…

Perhaps more than 80 visits as of this writing, because I usually depart Manila from Terminal 3 in NAIA.

In this article, we’ll talk about my personal experience visiting Marhaba Lounge in NAIA 3. I’ll also show you how you can access this airline lounge for free, plus you’ll see what amenities and food selections Marhaba Lounge usually offers to its guests.

Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 Review

Is Marhaba Lounge worth going to, or should you look at other airline lounges instead? Let’s find out.

Who are allowed in Marhaba Lounge?

Marhaba Lounge at NAIA T3 is accessible by:

  • Business class passengers of specific airlines, such as Emirates
  • Official lounge members of Priority Pass, LoungeKey or DragonPass
  • Cardholders of selected premium credit cards in Manila, such as RCBC Black Card Platinum Mastercard, UnionBank Platinum Mastercard Credit, and more
  • Walk-in airline passengers who will pay ₱1,500 per person to access the lounge and its benefits

What credit cards give you free access to Marhaba Lounge in NAIA 3?

There are several travel credit cards issued in the Philippines that can give you free access to Marhaba Lounge in NAIA 3. Some of these credit cards include BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard, BDO Diamond Rewards, UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Credit, Citi Life World Elite, RCBC Black Card Platinum Mastercard, RCBC JCB Platinum, Security Bank Platinum, AUB Platinum Mastercard, Eastwest Priority Visa Infinite and more.

marhaba lounge terminal 3 review

Opening Hours of Marhaba Lounge

The official website states that Marhaba Lounge in NAIA 3 is open from 7AM to 12MN only.

But whenever we have a flight in the morning, just like our Japan flight this year, Marhaba Lounge is also open at around 3-4AM, based on our experience.

How to Get to Marhaba Lounge in NAIA Terminal 3

Marhaba Lounge is on the 4th floor of NAIA Terminal 3, at the departure level right above Gate 115. It’s pretty easy to access once you’ve cleared Immigration.

Simply take the elevator to the 4th floor, turn right and walk for 80 steps or so, then you’ll arrive at Marhaba Lounge already.

Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 Amenities and Food

Initially, I got interested about searching for available airline lounges in the Philippines because I didn’t want to pay for expensive airport food, especially if they’re not tasty.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I saw in my research that Marhaba Lounge offers free food and drinks to its guests. 🙂

marhaba lounge terminal 3 seats

What is included in Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3?

Previously called the Skyview Lounge, Marhaba Lounge has free-flowing food and drinks, complimentary WiFi and shower cubicles, plus cushioned seats so they’re more comfortable compared to the hard chairs in the airport gates.

Here’s what we usually get as food and beverages whenever we’re staying at the Marhaba Lounge:

You can start off with their pastries first, so that you won’t overwhelm your tummy. Plus, it’s easier to select the food you want to eat when you’re not too famished.

marhaba lounge terminal 3 food and drinks

After I’ve munched on their pastries, I usually visit their fully-stocked fridge and get my favorite Sprite. 🙂

Then, you can go around and check out their food selections like their sandwiches, congee, veggies and assortment of viands to complete your meal. 🙂

Personally, I love how generous Marhaba Lounge is when it comes to food and drinks.

We usually go for 2 rounds of the main dishes just to fill our tummies so we don’t get ulcer while flying. I also love their grenadine syrup and mix it with soda — my favorite drink when I’m working at the lounge. 🙂

marhaba lounge terminal 3 review by livefreewithlianne

Don’t expect stellar customer service here like Hilton Clark. Their service crew is not too friendly, but they regularly clean the tables and chairs so that’s a plus.

FAQs on Marhaba Lounge in NAIA 3

In this section, let’s answer the common questions about Marhaba Lounge in NAIA Terminal 3.

Can economy class use Marhaba Lounge?

Yes, economy-class passengers can also use Marhaba Lounge in NAIA Terminal 3 as long as they’re an official lounge member, a cardholder of specific credit cards with Marhaba Lounge access or walk-in guests who will pay the airport lounge fee.

Is food free in Marhaba Lounge NAIA 3?

Yes, if you’re qualified to get free access to Marhaba Lounge in Terminal 3 NAIA, all the food and beverages are completely for free. Take note that you can stay for up to 3 hours only.

How much do I need to pay to use Marhaba Lounge in T3?

The walk-in rate to stay at Marhaba Lounge for 3 hours and access their benefits is ₱1,500 per person. I’m not sure if they accept GCash, although I’ve seen some passengers pay in cash or cards.

Final Thoughts on Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 Review

Overall, if you can get free access to NAIA 3’s Marhaba Lounge, then it’s worth visiting. I particularly enjoy their free-flowing food, crackers and beverages every time I stay there while waiting for my trip. However, it could have been better if they showed the flight details on a monitor inside the lounge so guests don’t get anxious about their flight.

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