Top 5 Best Credit Cards for Travel in the Philippines [Compared]

In the market for the best credit cards for travel in the Philippines?

With the right travel credit card, you can save money and earn rewards while you explore the world. It’s the dream, right? 🙂

In this article, we’ll share the 5 best travel credit cards available in the Philippines that can help you travel on a budget, both locally and internationally.

Why Do You Need a Travel Card?

If you’re someone who travels frequently for work or leisure, you need to get a travel credit card. Travel cards in the Philippines usually offer rewards points and air miles that can be redeemed for travel-related perks.

Other perks of owning a travel credit card are:

  • Discounts on hotels and hostels
  • Exclusive shopping and dining deals from merchants worldwide
  • Use the credit card statement as supporting document when you apply for visas (like me, when I got a multiple-entry Japan visa)
  • Payment for online purchases, such as tickets to theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore or Disneyland

In the Philippines, lots of travel credit cards even come with complimentary travel insurance coverage!

What Should You Look For in a Travel Card?

Based on my experience as a full-time traveler, the best credit cards in the Philippines for travel all have the following features in common:

  • Travel insurance – Having coverage even while you’re travelling internationally gives you a sense of security
  • Airport lounge access – Everybody likes free food and drinks while waiting for the flight, right? 🙂
  • Low foreign transaction fee – If you plan on using your travel card overseas, make sure to choose a card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees (or at least, low fees!) These fees can add up quickly so you can have a lot of money if this surcharge is low
  • Rewards program – Look for a card that offers rewards points, miles, or cash back on travel-related expenses

5 Best Credit Cards for Travel in the Philippines

It can be overwhelming to choose the best credit card for travel in the Philippines.

To help you out, we’ve curated the top Philippine credit cards that can be used internationally in this list below.

1. BPI Signature Visa

Best travel credit card for low foreign transaction fee

Known as one of BPI’s best credit cards for travel, BPI Signature Visa offers a lot of travel-related perks.

Most travelers add this to the list of top Philippine cards that can be used internationally because of its low foreign transaction fee of 1.85%. It’s also one of the best credit cards for dining in the Philippines because BPI Signature Visa offers exclusive 50% off deals on dining and hotels.

Credit Card Travel Benefits
  • Low forex conversion rate of just 1.85%
  • Up to ₱20 million in travel insurance coverage if you book your fare using this credit card
  • Complimentary airport lounge access for you and one guest at PAGSS international lounges in NAIA 1 and NAIA 3
BPI Signature Visa Annual Fee

The annual membership fee is free on the 1st year, and ₱5,500 on the 2nd year and onwards.

2. EastWest Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Platinum Mastercard

Best travel credit card for earning miles fast

Do you frequently use Singapore Airlines or Scoot while travelling?

If yes, then you can’t go wrong with getting a EastWest Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Platinum Mastercard.

As one of the best credit cards for travelling abroad, EastWest Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Platinum Mastercard lets you earn more miles faster so you can fly to your preferred travel destinations sooner.

Credit Card Travel Benefits
  • Low foreign currency conversion fee of just 1.70%
  • Earn 3 KrisFlyer miles for every ₱45 spend at Singapore Airlines, Scoot, KrisShop, or international/cross-border, hotel, travel agency, airline, online and international cash advance
  • Earn 5,000 KrisFlyer miles for ₱100,000 accumulated retail spend within 12 months from card approval date, and within 12 months between anniversary dates thereafter
EastWest Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Platinum Mastercard Annual Fee

The annual membership fee for principal cardholder is ₱4,000; for supplementary cards, it’s ₱2,000.

3. RCBC AirAsia Credit Card

Best travel credit card for earning AirAsia BIG Points

If you’re usually travelling via AirAsia, then RCBC AirAsia Credit Card is perfect for your travel needs.

Known as the co-branded credit card between RCBC and AirAsia, this travel credit card helps you earn AirAsia BIG points faster so you can redeem free flights from the airline.

Credit Card Travel Benefits
  • Get a welcome gift of up to 8,000 airasia points when you spend at least ₱20,000 within the first sixty (60) days from card issuance
  • Earn airasia points for as low as ₱22 per spend
  • You can also use the points you accumulate to redeem free flights or vouchers from Lazada, SM Gift Pass, Grab, and more
RCBC AirAsia Credit Card Annual Fee

The annual membership fee for principal cardholder is ₱300/month so that’s ₱3,600 per year.

4. Security Bank Platinum Mastercard

Best travel credit card for airport lounge access

When you think about the best credit cards for travel in the Philippines, surely you’d consider a card with complimentary lounge access too.

Travelers choose Security Bank Platinum Mastercard because of its airport lounge benefits and non-expiring rewards points.

Credit Card Travel Benefits
  • 2 complimentary airport lounge access per year for cardholders and guests combined
  • Unlimited access to the Marhaba Lounge NAIA Terminals 1 and 3
  • Free travel insurance
Security Bank Platinum Mastercard Annual Fee

Primary cardholders of Security Bank Platinum Mastercard have an annual fee of ₱4,000 per year.

5. UnionBank Cebu Pacific Gold

Best travel credit card for earning Cebu Pacific Go Rewards Points

I usually fly with Cebu Pacific for my Korea travels, and if you do, too, then you may find UnionBank Cebu Pacific Gold helpful.

As one of the best credit cards for travel in the Philippines for Cebu Pacific guests, this credit card is the quickest way to get airline points so you can redeem free flights.

Credit Card Travel Benefits
  • Earn 1 Go Rewards Point for every ₱200 spent
  • Earn 1 Go Rewards Point for every ₱100 spent in Cebu Pacific
  • Free travel insurance as long as you charge your ticket to the credit card

FAQs on Best Travel Credit Cards

Now that you’ve seen the top credit cards for international use, let’s talk about some questions you may have below.

Which credit cards have free airport lounge access in the Philippines?

If you’re interested in which credit card has access to airport lounge in the Philippines, they are the following cards in this list:

  • BPI Signature Visa
  • Security Bank Platinum Mastercard

Personally, I have RCBC Black Platinum Mastercard and it’s the one I always use to get free access to Marhaba Lounge for myself and a travelling companion.

Which credit cards have travel insurance?

You need to read the terms and conditions for the card’s free travel insurance policy — some credit cards offer it for free, like:

  • Security Bank Platinum Mastercard
  • UnionBank Cebu Pacific Gold

What is the most accepted credit card for international travel?

You can use your credit card abroad, as long as they use the following payment card network processors: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB. In my experience, though, Visa and Mastercard credit cards are most accepted internationally — some merchants may not accept credit cards that aren’t Visa or Mastercard, so best to have at least one card with them.

Can I use my Philippine credit card abroad?

Yes, you can use your Philippine-issued credit card abroad — just make sure to call your bank in advance and tell them which country you’ll be travelling to, so they don’t flag your card as suspicious.

I remember when I first travelled to Japan when I was 23 years old. I didn’t inform my bank in advance so when I used my card abroad, it was denied since they thought it was a suspicious transaction!

Now, I always make sure to call my bank at least a week before my flight so they know that I’m the one using it abroad. 🙂

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